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for chuck. >> and the big premier tonight. >> did mitt romney have a better wednesday than super tuesday? as the political world wakes up? it's clear mitt romney did well thanks to 12,000 votes in ohio. like all romney victories this year, it comes with a caveat. as santorum takes a stronger claim as the conservative alternative. despite all the results, all the new delegates, the story is the same, romney has a perception problem. santorum has a math problem. and as for paul and gingrich, they simply have a candidate credibility problem. and president obama doesn't sit super tuesday out. his first 2012 press conference includes a sharp rebuke of the republican candidates that he says are beating the drums of war when it comes to iran. it's wednesday, the day after, march 7th, 2012. this is the daily rundown. super tuesday is behind us. let's get to the first reads of the morning. mitt romney won the raw popular vote. he won states in five time zones, and still, all that comes with a but. romney continues to struggle with the same parts of the party he struggled with the entire campaign.
get out. mitt romney wants them both gone. will the march through march push anybody to the breaking point? team obama starts hammering romney from the other side as hom me in struggles with his own party's primary. they define him as an unacceptable alternative and romney can fully fight back. john boehner butts heads can fellow republicans over billions of dollars for roads, rails and bridges. can he get the tea party base to govern? good morning from washington. it's super thursday. this is "the daily rundown." let's get to the first read of the morning. super tuesday marks the beginning of the end. it's marked the beginning of the end of every competitive campaign for the last quarter century. for now, this republican race apparently is going on. mitt romney tries desperately behind the scenes to end it. the campaign spent much of yesterday making the case that neither santorum or gingrich has a realistic shot and brought out show and tell to highlight the advantage adding it would take an act of god for one of them to go. we will get to 1144 and be the republican nominee. that g
? it all depends on who wins. what could be three-way squeakers in mississippi and alabama. mitt romney hopes the santorum/gingrich split vote means he could sneak a victory in dixie. >>> for the second day in a row we get a national poll that finds president obama's approval rating slipping as gas prices continue to soar. the white house very defensive on this issue. is there more to these poll results than meet the eye. >>> and the fallout grows after that tragic killing spree in afghanistan. protests on the rise in afghanistan, and here at home pressure builds on the president to bring the troops home. has war fatigue among americans reached an actual tipping point? it's tuesday, march 13th, it's 2012, it's southern super tuesday. this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. >>> a romney victory tonight in either alabama or mississippi would knock fence sitters off the fence. if gingrich loses either of these southern states, where can he win and where does he go. ahead of today's contest the candidates have declared themselves adopted sons of the south. for these northern republican
in the republican race. does mitt romney put it away today on again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. ohio, tennessee, georgia, three states to watch today, but the pressure's on santorum tonight to prove he's still viable. romney may have a perception problem, but santorum has a math problem. we'll break it down. >>> and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu makes it clear to an american audience he's through with waiting on iran. president obama affirms he's got israel's back as we move a step closer to an armed conflict. it's super tuesday, march 6, 2012, this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. packed show. let's get to it. >>> ten states, five time zones stretching more than 4,500 miles cast ballots today. the closest americans get to a national primary. an 11th state, wyoming, elects delegates at county conventions. two battles tonight. a perception and delegate battle. we know who wins the delegate fight. mitt romney poised to walkway from tonight one step closer to the 1144 mark he needs to secure the nomination. the question, though, who will walkway from tonight's contest
... even better. ♪ >>> awe, the music. the primary. romney's fired up about attacking santorum on the economy thanks to rick the "i don't care about the unemployment rate" comment. >>> on capitol hill, congressman paul ryan unveils his new 2013 budget today. last year the ryan budget cost the republicans politically. will it do so again? will republicans rally more around this version, which includes dramatic changes to the tax code. democrats already going after the medicare part, and said the plan shifts the burden to seniors. >>> with growing yo ining outra unarmed teenager, the justice department begins its investigation. >>> it's super tuesday. i'm chuck todd. a packed show. since the campaign's in illinois we'll hear from the president's top political strategist david axelrod later. mitt romney shopping that decisive win in illinois will quiet talk the republican nomination fight could end in the first contested republican convention since 1976. rick santorum needs a victory somewhere that proves he can win a, an away game." illinois is one and has a serious shot at the n
, corrosive to the brand and the party's overall chances. romney has the support of 38% of likely republican voters in the new "wall street journal" poll. the best standing we ever recorded for him. santorum trails at 32%. gingrich and paul tied at 13%. support for romney is up 10 points and 15 points since the end of last year. she performing better with the parts that have been most resistance. we trail among tea partiers and the conservative voters. romney is backing nearly double since january up from 21% to 35%. nearly twice as many voter who is call themselves very conservative support of candidacy. we asked the voters to identify the top positive and negative quality of each of the candidates. voters like romney's knowledge of the issues where he scores best. he said his biggest negative is he waffles on issue. santorum is damaged on electability. he cannot be a strong opponent against president obama. overall the bitter nomination fight is taking a toll on the brand. 40% of adults said it made them feel less favorable. only 12% have a more favorable impression. that is upside down ev
be congratulated for. i'm not sure why. that's your nominee. >> mitt romney likes very, very big -- >> i don't get it. wrap it up. >> it's "morning joe." see you tomorrow. see you around for chuck. >>> the best shot at stopping romney. he has friendlier territory saturday in louisiana and then there is wisconsin where it can be his last stand. he can carry his demographic stronghold and you just might keep romney from crossing the 11:44 finish line. today's deep dive into a not so secret weapon. first lady michelle obama is all over the campaign trail ejecting energy telling voters to eat their vegetables. she is a powerful draw on the trail. it's wednesday, march 21st 2012. this is "the daily rundown." also developing, the shootout in a sense stand out and the man believed to be responsible for the hate crimes and murders of the jewish school in france am we will thereby live. mitt romney scored a solid double-digit win and walked away with 4/4 of the state's delegates. romney won 47% of the vote. they picked up 35%. newt gingrich was in last place or fourth place. so far of the
you back here on monday. stick around for "the daily run down ". >>> mitt romney picks up key endorsements. rick santorum walks back some of his most controversial statements and newt gingrich digs in his heels. we are with the republican race as it takes a southern lap. brace yourselves. the house pass as jobs bill with support from both sides of the aisle. is this the beginning of a new partisanship? this is "the daily run down." developing news out of the labor department. the february report shows strong job growth for a third straight month but not enough to bring down the unemployment rate. it remained at 8.3% despite the addition of 227,000 jobs. the chief economist for moody's and probably the most often quoted economist on capitol hill. thank you for being on the program today. we saw about 8.3% growth. 200,000 jobs added. this is the fifth straight month of declining unemployment. the third straight month of job growth over 200,000. the last time we saw this run of consecutive growth was in early 2011 and that led to summer stagnation. is this going to continue on fo
. donald trump has been asked by mitt romney to go out to ohio and campaign for him. >> is that right? >> yeah. he did some work, made some calls in michigan. >> i love donald, but i think it's a bad move. it shows weakness and you're bringing the carnival. wrong move. bad move. >> what are you talking about? >> bad move. >> what's the carnival? >> i love donald, but if you're a serious political guy, shouldn't have to need donald trump. >> i don't understand. >> willie geist, the latter day abraham lincoln. >> i'm out of here. >> tomorrow, a big show on education tomorrow. stick around for chuck right now. >>> politics, the senate sinks into good old-fashioned take that mode. fights over birth control coverage, precisely why moderates like o liolympia snow feel there's no room for them anymore. >>> romney's campaign says he didn't understand the question. what's this pattern of romney roiling over some remark within hours of a big primary win. >>> and a look back at how rick santorum rocketed through the ranks of pennsylvania politics. and how did he go from winning four in a row to
. >>> romney's campaign says he didn't understand the question. what's this pattern of romney roiling over some remark within hours of a big primary win. >>> and a look back at how rick santorum rocketed through the ranks of pennsylvania politics. and how did he go from winning four in a row to getting clobbered by double digits? good morning, it's thursday, march 1st. let's get right to my first read of the morning. ten states vote on tuesday with the big prize being ohio. but this morning, we do have new results to report from wyoming. the 11th state that hands out a couple of delegates on super tuesday. romney won wyoming non-binding precinct straw poll. 39% of the voter over rick santorum, only about 2,100 republicans participated. smaller than the average cpac straw poll. it is simply an indicator of how the state may vote in its upcoming townee and state conventions, where 26 of the 29 delegates will be bound. we also have our final results from michigan. and it is a romney/santorum split. 15 each. wednesday morning, santorum declared michigan a tie. by mid afternoon, he challenged report
santorum and newt gingrich pounce on a gaffe by mitt romney's aide handing out etch-a-sketches as an example of what they'd say of the front-runner's history of flip-flopping. what does it tell us about romney and the fact he doesn't of get the benefit of the doubt from his own party? it's probably the most coveted endorsement since chris christie's, but jeb bush's backing of romney came in a written statement without the hoopla we've seen before. an endorsement based on reality, not a passion. >>> and hundreds rally in new york for slain teenager trayvon martin as the city commissioners vote no confidence on theirs police chief. still no word on what the shooter has to say in his own defense. it's thursday, march 22, 2012. this is "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd, right to my first reads of the morning, shake it up here. >>> florida governor jeb bush's senate that mitt romney's nomination is inevitable was exactly the message team romney hope would drive the week. instead, the campaign's plans got, well, all shook up thanks to an unforced campaign error. jeb bush's s
todd. let's get to my first read of the morning. in less than 48 hours, mitt romney gets his next midwestern test. can rick santorum do what he's done in every midwestern battleground state yet and turn it into a nail biter. romney started his day in illinois with another win under his belt. he walked away with landslide victory in puerto rico's primary. romney said that his victory signaled republicans can win hispanic voters in november. >> this isn't some little island. it's 4 million people. if it were a state, it would be the 25th largest state in the country. those people who don't think that latinos will vote for republicans need to take a look in puerto rico. >> santorum who made a tactical choice to take two days away from campaigning in illinois to try to keep romney's puerto rico delegate number down released a statement allegedly in congratulations but saying "we know mitt romney will do and say anything to get votes and this is just another example of that. i think 90% of americans who believe english should be the official language of this country must be wondering w
of being even the southern candidate. but the south pacific makes mitt romney the overall delegate winner, for the night that is. and what about gingrich, he pulled second place in both southern states, but how long can he play second fiddle to santorum as the conservative alternative to romney? is he really going all the way to tampa? >>> also this morning london calling, prime minister cameron already arrived at the white house yesterday but the official arrival for the official visit begins any minute now. we'll have the action from the south lawn live in just minutes. >>> good morning from washington, wednesday, march 14th, 2012, this is the "daily rundo rundown." i'm chuck todd, another wednesday, another postmortem, another perception problem for mitt romney. let's get to the first reads of the morning. in september we said we didn't know how mitt romney gets the nomination and we didn't know how he was going to be denied it. now 27 states have weighed in and on the process of selecting delegates and nothing has changed. rick santorum swept last night's southern primaries and romney
's eating the grits. can wehe win the south? mitt romney is hoping a split between the conservative vote will mean good news in either mississippi or alabama or both tuesday. is he overcommitting? high risk/high reward style of campaigning. >>> and the battle over who should get out of the race. the rick santorum and newt gingrich camps square off. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get to my first reads of the morning. can mitt romney steal alabama or mississippi? it was a strategy in tennessee and didn't work. but we'll see. romney added a last-minute stop in mobile, alabama this morning, which advisers say was in recognition of the campaign's belief he could still pick up a win tomorrow. but romney is playing it both ways. also trying to keep expectations in check. last night the romney campaign tipped off local media to an unscheduled stop in jackson, mississippi. but didn't notify the national press corps. at a minimum, romney will wendell gats tomorrow. 47 at stake in alabama. 37 in mississippi. this weekend, though, santorum walked away from the kansas caucuses wit
campaign is waking up to good news. the polls show the president's numbers rising and romney's falling in key swing states. speaking of waking up to good news, fellow dodger fans, the long baseball nightmare may be over thanks to magic johnson and friends. a $2 billion solution? wow. it's wednesday, march 28th, 2012. i'm chuck todd and let's get to the first reads of the morning. the health insurance mandate is found unconstitutional. can the rest of the health care law survive. that's the question they take up in less than an hour. by all accounts, the challengers of the law had the upper hand. the health care mandate is in trouble. sandra day o'connor said you have to be able to count to five. prognostication based on oral arguments is not a science. the number five sounded skeptical of the government's argument beginning with the justice who may be key, anthony kennedy. >> when you were changing the relation in a unique way, do you not have a heavy burden of justification to show authorization under the constitution? >> it was clear from the out set the other two who might have a br
lucy pulls the football away? ask mitt romney. every time he gets close to closing this deal, it gets jerked away. he's got the math on his side, but is that enough? >>> plus, president obama hosted david cameron in a don't call it a state dinner. but it's the campaign centric guest list that has our attention this morning. >>> and it's been 20 years since the first so-called year of the woman. this morning, how democrats are banking on woman candidates to hold control of the senate. it's thursday, march 15th, 2012, this is the "daily rundown" i'm chuck todd and the three hours tip-off to the ncaa tournament. >>> rick santorum is hoping the southern sweep finally gives him that clean shot at becoming romney's chief conservative challenger and he sure sounded like it yesterday. >> if we keep winning races, eventually people are going to figure out that governor romney isn't going to be the nominee. republican voters are overwhelmingly saying no. >> santorum has elm plambraced the candidate of evangelical voters. members of an evangelical church laid hands on him and asked him for praye
nbc/marist poll finds mitt romney opening up a lead in the badger state. the endorsements are rolling in as well. rubio, bush 41, and paul ryan, making it official today as well. >>> plus, what voters in wisconsin are really thinking about. it's that recall election facing governor scott walker following his crackdown on public sector unions. our polling shows it's going to be a nail-biter. there is a more polarized state electorate in the country than wisconsin and now the presidential candidates have to join the debate. >>> and more kabuki theater, paul ryan's budget plan passes the house down party lines, so you know what that means, it heads to the senate to die. but it sets up the republican aspect of the debate for 2012. >>> it's friday, march 30th, 2012, the last day of march that we'll be on the air. this is the "daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. we said wisconsin is rick santorum's last stand and if that's the case then it looks like the end is near. in our new nbc/marist wisconsin poll, mitt romney leads seven point
. chuck todd starts right now. we'll see you monday. >> mitt romney hits the airwaves. for more interviews designed to seal the deal with the unpersuaded conservatives. off camera the question being raised is, is it a candidate problem or actually a campaign problem? team obama's 17-minute campaign ad docuga flchlt da whatever you want to call it goes live as both the president and vice president hit the trail. should we be reading something more into the fact that they held their speeches at exactly the same time yesterday? and new details emerge about the soldier accused in that horrifying attack on afghan civilians as president karzai says it's time to keep all u.s. troops on base. an odd way to fight a war. friday, march 16, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. right to my first reads of the morning. the president hits the road today spending his entire day raising money. first in chicago where he'll hold two events before flying to atlanta for three fundraisers that are tailored to the african-american business and entertainment community including at tyler perry studios
that mitt romney is a sucker for young adult films. all right. we'll see you back here tomorrow. stick around for "the daily rundown." >>> the supreme court hears arguments about the mandate. what does the court's recent history say about how they will vote this time? he stands by his words but as they pounce, a look back at how mike failed from over the years. plus, more than a decade into the war, more that two-thirds of americans think they shouldn't be there. it's tuesday, march 27th. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. a few more people are outside of the supreme court. welcome to the main event. in two hours the supreme court will turn to whether congress has the power to require almost all americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. the argument about the mandate is the core of the debate over the role of government which may be the most important question that the presidential election decides. and the argument that divides fairly neatly by party. yesterday, senate republicans railed against the requirement. >> it is a monumental, historic insertion of federal po
to what he considered a worst option to being proposed. mitt romney was making a similar argument. >> i know some people are saying, gee, your plan is not conservative. i'm saying, yes, it is. because right now in this country people who don't have health insurance go to the hospital if they get a serious illness and get. >> the only ones adjusted the mandate, even president obama once spoke out against it when he was a candidate against hillary clinton. now the 26 states challenging the health care law say that while the constitution gives the to regulate commerce, it gives no and in other words they can't force people to buy something they don't want to boy. the obama administration says the law regulates the entire health care market, something that eventually everyone is involved in. what did we learn out of day one? nearly all of the justices appear to think the penalty is not a tax. >> congress has nowhere used the word tax. what it says is penalty. and so why is this a tax? >> this is not a revenue-raising measure because if it's successful, nobody will pay the penalty and there
romney and rick santorum head into another southern primary kicking and screaming. will romney leave louisiana with another southern loss? does it even matter if he loses? >>> and today, on the second anniversary of the signing of health care reform, president obama lets his allies tell the pieces that in place already while he puts all his energy into address the cost of another front, beating back the idea that he is not doing enough to keep gas prices down. >>> and thousands rally last night in sanford, florida, calling for an arrest in the shooting death of trayvon martin. today, another protest, this time in tallahassee. we will have the latest on the investigation and what the state says they are going to do good morning from washington. friday, march 23, 2012, this is the daily rundown, i'm chuck todd. >>> get to my first reads of the morning. another day on the campaign trail, another soundbite the campaigns i want to make sure breaks through the chart chart. the candidates want to breakthrough tomorrow's primary. the soundbite team romney wants every ton hear is this one fro
are high for the president. they aren't small for mitt romney either who vowed friday he'll repeal the law. >> this presidency has been a failure. at the centerpiece of this failure is this piece of legislation back here. obama care. >> most americans want to get rid of it and we're among those americans. i want to get rid of it too. >> this is not the conversation romney wants to have. he's trying to shut down the republican primary. an opportunity for political opponents to remind republicans of clips like this one from 2008. >> you backed away from mandates on a national basis. >> i like mandates. the mandates work. >> beg your pardon? i didn't know you would admit that. you like mandates. >> let me tell you what kind of mandates i like. >> the ones you come up with. >> mitt romney is trying to shut down the republican primary eight days until wisconsin primary. rick santorum is all there for you. talk about a do or die chance for you in wisconsin. subject matter couldn't be better for you. we'll see how he takes advantage of it. members of the public have been camped out here outside o
's "morning joe." >>> four days to go before super tuesday. mitt romney, not even campaigning in a super tuesday state. why? he's learned from past mistakes. he's focused on washington's standard caucuses, even though no delegates are awarded. will romney's "whatever it takes" strategy pay off tomorrow and on tuesday? >>> and so much for that time. michigan officials award mitt romney another dealegate. >>> and super tuesday won't just be about the presidential primaries, it's also the first round of congressional primaries. and redistricting that has left house members fighting with colleagues from their own party to keep their seats. it's win or go home time for some very familiar faces. it's friday, march 2nd, this is "the daily rundown." let's get right to my first read of the morning. 11 states vote in the next four days. and unlike a month ago, mitt romney is leaving nothing to chance. he's spending today in washington state, where he's making a full-fledged effort to win the caucuses, although there's no delegates at stake. romney is determined not to make the same mistake the cam
on with romney. figuring out how to do it in a way that enhances their own case. >>> and stand your ground. we've heard a lot of the trayvon martin case. dozens of other states now have it, too. where did it come from? how did it spread so fast? and what was it responding to? our deep dive into politics ahead. good morning from washington. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. we're a long way from knowing whether the supreme court will throw out the health insurance mandate. court won't rule until june. they take a secret vote this week to see where they are. but as if the stakes weren't high enough already, the justices seem to agree that if it does, most of the law, if it strikes down the mandate, most of the law should go to the mandate. >> once you cut the guts out of it, who knows, who knows which were really desired by congress on their own and which ones weren't? >> my approach would say, if you take the heart of the out statute, the statute's gone. >> it seemed unanimous, two more popular revisions would have to go, too. refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions and l
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)